Widow...ish, a memoir, will be available in 2021via Little A Books!

​​Melissa Gould    

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​Melissa Gould is an award-winning screenwriter who started as a staff writer on Bill Nye the Science Guy.  She continued to build her career as a writer/producer on such acclaimed TV series as Party of Five, Beverly Hills 90210, Providence, and Lizzie McGuire.​​ She has also written several TV movies for networks such as NBC, Lifetime, and Disney Channel.  

 ​                                    Her life as a parenting expert / "mompreneur" resulted in several branded                                         columns, blogs, and vlogs on major industry websites including WebMD,                                               DisneyFamily and BabyZone.  She also appeared in front of the camera on                                             such shows as Rachel Ray, Access Hollywood, KTLA’s Morning Show and                                             many other "info-tainment" programs.  

When her beloved husband died unexpectedly of complications of Multiple Sclerosis and West Nile Virus, Melissa started writing personal essays.  They can be found in The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times,The Washington Post, AARP, Buzzfeed, Kveller,The Huffington Post, and more.  

Her memoir, Widow...ish, will be available via Little A Books in 2021.

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